"Be a lamp, a lifeboat, a ladder.
Help someone's soul heal. Walk . . . "
– Rumi

Welcome to PsychoSoul Therapy

Welcome to PsychoSoul Therapy – an integral psychotherapeutic approach to inner growth and personal development. PsST encompasses all dimensions of the human experience and states of consciousness. It utilises a bio-psycho-social and transpersonal (spiritual) methodology for therapeutic healing This multi-layered process often enables clients to recover and reconnect with deeper, hidden parts yielding an integrated sense of self. PsST’s integrative psychotherapy employs psychotherapeutic techniques from various approaches. Its core focus is on healing deep wounds, reconnecting with self, and empowering the person to flourish in healthy ways. Long standing self-destructive patterns are reduced/cleared and replaced with self compassion and care. Please see my clients’ testimonials.

Dr Shima Espahbodi


My journey into psychotherapy began with the body – a scientific exploration of blood flow imaging in patients suffering with chronic back pain

This was the topic of my 5-year clinical PhD research from Imperial College London. I am interested in the subjective experience of chronic pain and the relationship between biology, dis-ease and emotional burdens. These may be linked to unresolved traumas/issues often occurring in early life. Such painful experiences may develop into somatic blocks and/or unhealthy behavioural patterns.

As a Postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University, I explored the bio-psychosocial risk factors associated with chronic illnesses. This revealed the relationship between chronic pain, depression and anxiety in patients under our care for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and other inflammatory conditions.

Clinical Insights

These insights and my extensive clinical experience - motivated me to become a psychotherapist. I completed my training in 2012 and am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP). Trained in both clinical sciences and psychotherapeutic approaches, I offer an integral/holistic approach to psychotherapy. With a unique focus on the links between body and mind I am able to bring multiple aspects of self into conscious awareness. One of my focuses is on trauma-related therapy. My trauma-based work began whilst practicing as a psychotherapist at Oxford’s Simon House - a residential hostel for people who had become homeless.

Trauma Related Work

Many of my clients suffered from a range of moderate to severe mental health issues. These problems included anxiety, complex trauma, addiction problems, complex PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, self – harm, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia. These difficulties were often the result of severe childhood trauma and neglect. I am forever grateful to all the courageous men and women who trusted, shared and bared their souls in our therapeutic work together. My multidimensional training enables me the unique opportunity to integrate trauma related work with the psychodynamic and humanistic models in my psychotherapy practice.

This training was an invaluable experience working with complex-trauma related cases and crisis situations. Every session is organic and tailored to meet the unique needs of each of my clients.


Individual Psychotherapy

A talking and listening treatment that uses the relationship between patient and therapist to identify and change patterns of thoughts and feelings that hamper the patient's emotional life.

Group Psychotherapy

As with individual therapy, but also benefiting from the relationship with and different perspectives from other group members, who have similar but distinct problems.

Family Psychotherapy

Sometimes a person's illness can act as a spokesperson for a family's difficulties. The therapy team works with the whole family to draw on their strengths and overcome their shared difficulties.

Depression 100%
Anxiety 100%
Mood Disorders 100%
Self-Esteem Issues 100%
Identity Crisis 100%
Isolation 100%
Trauma Ptsd and Complex Ptsd 100%
Sexual Abuse 100%
Physical Abuse 100%
Emotional Abuse/Neglect 100%
Substance Abuse 100%
Self Harm 100%
Domestic Violence 100%
Addiction 100%
Co-Dependency 100%
Loss/Grief 100%
Bereavement 100%
Family Issues 100%
Relationship Issues 100%
Seperation and Divorce 100%
Dissociative Disorders 100%
Personality Issues/Disorders 100%
Chronic Pain/Illness 100%
Cultural Issues 100%
Spiritual Issues 100%
Suicidal Ideation 100%
Bullying 100%
Anger Issues 100%
ADHD 100%
Hearing Voices 100%
Low Self-Confidence 100%
Stress 100%
Work Issues 100%
Gender Dysphoria 100%

Treatment/Healing Approaches

  • Integral Clinical Psychotherapy
  • Psycodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Depth Psychology
  • Humanistic/Person-centred Psychtherapy
  • Inner Child Therapy
  • Intuitive Psychology
  • Psycho-Shamanic Therapy
  • Transpersonal/Spiritual Psychotherapy
Years PhD Research
Years Clinical Practice
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Service Provided & Rates

I work therapeutically with individuals, couples, families, and groups from the ages of about 15 years upwards. My approach is integral, eclectic and inclusive of all subjective experiences. In a safe, comfortable, and non-judgmental atmosphere, I provide a highly personalised approach tailored to the needs of each of my unique clients. I ensure that therapeutic healing sessions are always confidential and supportive. My therapeutic approach will create the dynamic needed with each client to catalyse the healing process.

Price: £70

Price: £90

Price: £90

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Price: £180

Price: £200

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Sacred Medicines Of The Amazon

Working with Sacred plant medicines of the amazon Coming Soon . . .

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"Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots." – Rumi

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Client NH, Female 32 yrs old

Shima has been helping me unravel the past in order to make sense of my difficult relationship with my mother and my anxiety relating to work. She is a calm, knowledgable and understanding listener . . . Read more

Client TG, 54 year old Female

Shima is an exceptionally talented therapist and healer able to integrate ceremonial paths with psychological and psychotherapeutic insights. When Shima told me about ceremonial practice . . . Read more

Client SDS, 50 year old Male


CG Jung, C Rogers, S Freud, RD Laing, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Buddhism, Sufism, Mawlana Rumi, S Grof, M Smith, Vedanta, P Levine, B Van der Kolk

Healing the Brain-the neuroscience of trauma leading to complex PTSD and DID

[Cert. (PODS), London 2016]

Early childhood trauma through the lens of Attachment Theory

[Cert. (PODS), London 2015]

The impact of childhood sexual abuse on the body and physical health.

[Cert. (PODS), London 2014]

[Cert. (PODS), London 2013]

[Cert. (SRF), London 2012]

The impact on attachment relationships in families.

[Cert. (SRF), London 2011]

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